Morgan VanDerLeest

This is my digital garden. Sharing my thoughts on business, product, and development.

I believe that:
- small teams can do great things
- people want to do their best
- working better =/= working more

Advertising doesn’t have to be bad

Big data doesn’t have to be the answer to monetizing the internet. Advertising doesn’t *have* to be bad. But we’re lazy.

What Is A Content Engine?

You know how important content is for your business. You’ve been meaning to create content for a long time. It’s always on your to do list… but never gets done. Where do you start? What kind of content do you produce? Should you blog? Podcast? Create videos? If you do any...

The Best Website Platform For You

What is the best platform to build and host your website? Like most things, this isn’t a simple answer. In other words, it depends. But I’m not going to leave you hanging. These are my top recommendations for web platforms based on your capabilities: Webflow - if you h...

How To Make Time To Update Your Website

Another year is coming to a close. As you look back over the last year, how many times have you updated your website? Do you remember the last time you updated it? If you had to open up your website to remember what it looked like, it’s been too long. Why you should make t...